Selamat Pagi sahabat Jakarta, hari ini saya akan memberikan salah satu contoh draft Request For Information yang dibuat oleh Agent dan dikirimkan kepada Developer atas permintaan dari client mereka. RFI ini sendiri berisi tentang pertanyaan- pertanyaan client sesuai kebutuhan mereka akan Gedung yang ingin mereka sewa ataupun beli.

Semoga informasi dari saya ini dapat membantu sahabat Jakarta, entah itu sahabat Jakarta sebagai user ataupun sebagai agent.



Date: 21 November 20xx



Attention             : Mr. xxxx

Company             : PT. Developer


Subject to Final Contract

Private & Confidential



Dear Mr. xxxxx


We write to you on behalf of our client, PT XXX


Client XXX is in a review of occupancy alternatives for a forthcoming potential office requirement in Jakarta, Indonesia. For a review of alternatives, we request your response to this RFP represent your best possible package of terms for consideration. Should further information be required, it shall be requested in due course.


The following will outline the critical transaction points upon which Client XXX will select the short list of buildings. To expedite this process, please fill in the blanks where appropriate and send back to us through email to Agent  xxx by November 30, 2012, latest at 3.00PM.


We request that you respond according to the format as set out below in soft copy version.





Developer’s/Landlord’s Response



Section 1: Parties


Occupier Client XXX


Occupier’s address


Landlord Please state the legal entity name of the Landlord.
Section 2: Building / Premises


Developer/ Landlord Background & Experience:
  1. Developer/ Landlord Background (please explain briefly)
  2. Years of experience in property business
  3. Commercial development experience and company/group ownership structure


Building Name and Completion   Please state proposed building name:(  )  Exisiting Building

( x )  Under construction, completion date on 2015

(  )  Yet to be constructed, expected construction date _____________  and expected completion date   _____________

(  )  Build-to-Suit (BTS)



Building  Information Please advise the following:

  1. Please describe the building/ project’s type: (Pure Leasing; Strata; or Mixed Strata & Leasing)
  2. Land size:
  3. Total building size in semi gross area:
  4. Total number of floors:
  5. Floor plate area, including Ground Floor, in net sqm, in semigross sqm, and efficiency ratio:
  6. Building height (m):
  7. Describe your building finishing quality (interior and exterior specification):
  8. Describe your building grade (please explain briefly and provide detail specification on separate attachment):
  9. Future development within the complex:
  10. Building structure and seismic provision shall comply with international standard codes:
  11. Committed tenants and size (if any):
  12. Please list down all permits that you have obtained and/or in process:
  13. Please advise the building status:

: Owned

: Built Operate Transfer (BOT)

–          Expiration date :




Premises Occupier requires 8,000– 12,000 sqm for lease, preferable on contiguous floors plus approximately 300 sqm in Ground Floor for lease.Please confirm/ provide:

  1. Details of the specific contiguous floors / units, including the Ground Floor, that you propose to meet the requirement:
  2. State the Semi Gross and Net Floor area in detail.
  3. Floor plans of the specific floors / units that you propose to meet the requirement.


Internal Stairs Please advise if internal stairs are available or possible to be installed between all or some of the Proposed Floors. 

Occupier prefers the construction costs of internal stairs shall be borne by Landlord.  Please advise if Landlord is willing to borne the costs.



Storage Room Occupier requires approximately 175– 200 sqm storage room

Please specify how big storage room is available for Occupier.


Occupier requires having the storage room free of charge during the lease term and any extension thereafter. Please advise if Landlord OK to provide the storage room free of charge.


Section 3: Lease terms


Handover Date & Fitting Out Period Occupier requires a minimum of 6 months of uninterrupted time to complete fitting out from Handover Date to the Lease Commencement Date. Occupier shall not be charged any Base Rent or Service Charge during this period.   


Lease Commencement Date The estimated target Lease Commencement Date is in 2015. Please specify your target date of building completion. 


Lease Term Occupier requires to have an initial lease term of 10(ten) years. Please confirm if Landlord is OK with 10 years initial lease term.
Section 4: Financial Terms


Payment terms Occupier requires the Base Rental and Service Charge to be payable quarterly in advance. Please confirm if Landlord is OK with quarterly payment in advance.


Base Rent Please confirm the Base Rent for the initial 10 years lease term per sqm per month.Occupier prefers Landlord to give the best base rent possible. Please provide the most competitive base rental for Occupier.  


Service Charge Please confirm the Service Charge starting from the completion date and if the Service Charge can be fixed during some period of time.   










Rent and Service Charge Free Period Please confirm details of the level of Rent and Service Charge free period granted to Occupier during the Lease Term other than fitting out period. 


Incentives Please provide details of other incentives that will be granted to Occupier. 

Kindly indicate the amount granted; how it will be disbursed and treated over the course of the tenancy.


Kindly provide your standard terms and conditions.

Section 5: Non-Financial Terms


Guaranteed Option to  Expand   Occupier requires Landlord to reserve 30% contiguous floors of Proposed Occupier’s initial size within 60 months of occupancy starting from Lease Commencement Date. 

All terms and conditions for expansion space shall be the same as the passing terms and conditions for the Premises. This would include but not limited to Base Rental, Service Charge rates and expiration dates.



Right of First Refusal Occupier requires having continuous Right of First Refusal in the whole building using the passing terms and conditions, including the base rent and service charge.Such Right of First Refusal is ongoing and is not negated by a previous decline by Occupier to take up the offered space.



Option to Renew Occupier requests to have an option to renew either 3+ 3 or 5+ 5. Should the Occupier exercise the 5+5 option to renew, the 1st rent renewal period, rent increment is at prevailing market rent with maximum increment of 25% of the passing rental rate.  Should the Occupier exercise the 3+3 option to renew, the 1st rent renewal period, rent increment is at prevailing market rent with maximum increment of 15% of the passing rental rate. 

For 2nd rent renewal period, rent shall be at the prevailing market rent.


Occupier may notify Landlord its intention to exercise the Option to Renew at any time but no less than 3 months prior to lease expiry date or holdover period. Landlord needs to respond Occupier’s intention to exercise the Option to Renew with the new Base Rent and other commercial terms and conditions maximum 14 calendar days after Occupier’s notification.


Just for clarification, the definition of “prevailing market Rental rate” is Rental obtainable within the comparable commercial quality grade properties in comparable locations.

In case of a dispute, please provide details of relevant rent review terms and indicate resolution mechanism.


  5.4 Option to Early Terminate Occupier shall have option to terminate the lease with no penalty, in the event Occupier ceases its operations in Indonesia or caused by the reason of merger, acquisition, reorganization or restructuring at any time. 


Assignment/ Subleasing Occupier shall have a right to assign or sublease all or part of the Premises with prior notification to Landlord and no costs will be charged to Occupier in relation to these assignments/ sublease provisions.  


Contraction Option From time to time during the lease term and any extension thereafter, Occupier shall be able to surrender part of the premises at nil penalty to Landlord. 


Holdover During the initial lease term and any renewal thereof, Occupier requires a month-to-month basis holdover provision after the expiration, for the maximum period of six (6) months. The Gross Rent (Base Rent and Service Charge) for such holdover will remain the same with the respective passing Gross Rent of each term.


Non – Reinstatement At the expiry or earlier termination of the lease and any extension thereafter, Occupier will not be responsible to reinstate the Premises.


Naming Right During the lease term and any extension thereafter, please confirm if the building naming right is available for Occupier. 


Signage Rights Occupier wishes to have signage right on the building.Please confirm whether during the initial lease term, Landlord is willing to provide the signage in the following locations with no rental cost :

(  )  Roof-top with minimum size of 16 m x 9 m

(  )  Building Façade with minimum size of 16 m x 9 m

(  )  Canopy of the main entrance

(  )  Totem pole



No Competition / Exclusivity Occupier wishes no competitors in the same building and/or complex. 

Please list your existing tenants which have similar business nature to Occupier.



Most Preferred Tenant Status Guarantee Occupier guarantees the effective gross rental during the initial term and subsequent renewals will be the lowest within the building. Landlord shall provide proof of other tenant(s) rate in the building, if required and requested by Occupier.


Security Deposit Please specify the amount of security deposit and confirm that it is fully refundable.
Section 6: Building Criteria


Handover condition Please describe the hand-over condition of the Premises (e.g. floor levelling, air-conditioning, ducting, lighting, etc).Please provide a copy of the Building Specification and Tenant Fitting Out Manual by email.


Building services Provision Please confirm what mechanical cooling systems have been installed including; overall cooling capacity, allocation per floor, temperature range, air change rate.Please confirm the number of toilets (M/F/Executive/Disabled) that are provided per floor. Occupier prefers the toilet to be constructed with no door or automatic door.

Please confirm the number of emergency exits per floor. Occupier requires minimum 2 emergency exits per floor.



IT & Telecommunications Please indicate the number of telephone lines available within Occupier’s Premises on each floor.Please state the installation costs, deposit, percentage of deposit refund and the timing of delivery of such services.

Occupier prefers a building that do not charge the installation cost.


Power and Backup Please specify the building’s power source and capacity, backup power source and capacity.Please specify the allocation of electricity per sqm in Occupier’s Premises per sqm:

1)      For socket outlet and lighting:

2)      For socket outlet, lighting and AC:




Air-Conditioning Cost Please confirm details of the A/C system used, zoning and applicable charges during and outside normal office hours.


24 Hour Air-Conditioning Please specify the 24-hour AC system for server room. 

Please advise if you could provide the space for AC outdoor unit(s) free of charge during the initial lease term and any extensions thereafter.



Normal Building hours Please provide details of the normal building hours on:

  • Monday – Friday:
  • Saturday:
  • Sunday:
  • Public Holidays:



Parking Please confirm number of car and motorcycle parking spaces and locations within the building.Please confirm number of available car reserved, car unreserved parking and motorcycle parking spaces.

Please state car reserved and car unreserved parking charges and motorcycle parking charge and payment terms.

Please confirm how many spaces will be provided free of charge for car reserved parking, car unreserved parking and motorcycle.



Access Please state:

  1. Primary access road
  2. 2.       Explain whether the building/complex has alternative access gate other than the main gate for back access and/or alternative to avoid 3-in-1. (Please specify the road name/area)
  3. Current and future mass transportation system. (Please explain the existing and planned transportation links in and around the site)
  4. Details of the surrounding neighbourhood and specific buildings, accommodations, amenities, etc. adjacent to and within close proximity of the building or development site.



6.10 Amenities Please provide details available facilities within the building (canteen,   restaurant, driver room, mussola, function room etc). 


Lifts Please specify number and capacity of:

  • Passenger lifts
  • Service lift(s).
  • Parking lift(s).
  • Executive lift(s) (if any)
  • Lift zoning
  • Lift brand, capacity and speed


Ceiling Please specify:

  • Standard ceiling finishes
    • Ceiling heights in meters (floor to ceiling)
    • Ceiling height in metres (slab to slab).



Floor Loading Please specify floor loading capacity on the typical floor.


Building Management Please confirm whether the building is managed in-house or outsourced.Occupier prefers the building to be managed by an international property management company.
Section 7: Miscellaneous


Professional fee Please indicate whether Landlord is prepared to pay Occupier’s representing consultant, a fee equivalent to the quantum of 5% (five percent) x the monthly Base Rental plus Service Charge per square metre x total area leased (in square metre semi-gross) x number of months in the Initial Lease Term (in number of months).This fee shall be due and payable directly to Agent XXX on the execution of the Lease Agreement.



Confidentiality This RFP is strictly confidential and proprietary to Agent XXXLandlord and its representative must agree that they will not, duplicate, distribute, or otherwise disseminate or make available this document or the information contained therein without the express written consent of Agent XXX. Proposed Landlord and its representative shall not include or reference this RFP in any forum without the prior written consent of Agent XXX.  Landlord and its representative may and shall only make this document available to employees who have a need to know its contents in order to participate in the preparation of the RFP response.

Your acceptance of this RFP indicates your agreement Agent XXX  confidentiality requests


The above represents the broad parameters of the requirement and Landlord response will enable us to further evaluate Landlord’s development. It is by Client XXX specific request that all correspondence and discussions regarding this requirement be conducted through the undersigned at Agent XXX


Should you have any questions or wish to discuss this proposal, please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned at Agent XXX.  We look forward to receiving your proposal.


Yours Sincerely,



Agent XXXX

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